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 Tea Cozies--Hand Braided Tea Cozy, Super Cozy ™, and CozyWrap™
Unique Hand Braided Tea Cozies
Each side of our new hand braided Tea Cozys is a different combination of highest quality printed cotton fabrics, so that the finished side is unique.  Measuring approximately 15.5" x 11.5", the heavy amount of fabric in each cozy provides excellent insulation.  Fully lined.  These cozies are made in very limited quantities.  We will try to work close to your color requirements, but if we have to make one for you allow about 2 weeks.  Special orders are NOT RETURNABLE.   Exact color matching is not possible.  Cozy lifts on-off with a braided loop at the top.  
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Super Cozy™
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Our Super Cozy™ tea cozy is, we think, the finest available.  This tea cozy is made of fancy drapery and upholstery fabrics, and it is finished with fancy gold trim.  Our cozy measures 12 inches in diameter at the bottom and is approximately 12 inches high.  It can accommodate both small and larger
teapots.  It is constructed with openings to accommodate the teapot spout and handle so that tea can be poured without removing the teas cozy.  The teapot may be rotated away from the openings if you prefer the pot to be totally covered.  The Super Cozy™ is very heavily insulated to keep tea hot for considerable time.  These tea cozies are made in strictly limited numbers; color availability will be confirmed with your order.  INCLUDES 6-cup porcelain tea pot.  Dry clean only.



CozyWrap™--A 360° Tea Cozy
Our new CozyWrap is a tea cozy that surrounds the pot with 360° of coverage yet has openings for the spout and handle so that you can pour your hot beverage without removing the insulating wrap.  A special removable insulating base sits on the floor of our CozyWrap tea cozy.  You just place the teapot onto the base and make two tie bows Washable batting provides the insulation you desire to keep your teapot steeping hot.  With the exception of the removable base, the CozyWrap is completely machine washable and dryable.  INCLUDES 6-cup porcelain tea pot.  Shrink wrapped.  Choose from any of the fabrics below.
CozyWrap™ Fabrics
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