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Oriental Carpet Bookmarks

These bookmarks are woven on a loom in Istanbul.  They are miniature copies of actual oriental carpets. Their names refer to the regions from which they originated.  Measuring approximately 7 inches by 1 7/8 inches, these bookmarks  may be personalized with a single large embroidered letter.  Businesses and groups which order 1,500 or more of a type (at special pricing), may have a logo or design actually woven into the item.

Your creativity is the limit to the use of these wonderful bookmarks.  They have been used as doll shawls, doll house rugs and runners, and as decorative additions to clothing.  They truly are intricate and beautiful--wonderful miniature works of  art.

#1  Kayseri (1755) #2  Tashkent #3  Buhara
#4  Hereke #5  Ifsahan #6  Agra
#7  Tientsin #8  Kayseri (1810) #9  Balouchi
#10  Urumchi #11  Karaja #12  Tabriz

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