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MicroMitt-It Microwave-Safe Hot Dish Holder, Insulator, & Protector. 


4 sizes: long, square, round, and mini

MicroMitt-It rounds

stacked to show colors

Current MicroMitt-It II & CozyWrap Colors

1. Mixed pinks, yellows, greens, etc. 2. White background. Red roses. White flowers laced between. 3. White and dark purple flowers on bluish-purple background.
13. Black background with red poppies & green leaves/stems. 18. Black background.  Peach and cranberry flowers; blue accent flowers; green leaves 14. Light green background with pink/mauve tea roses.
7. Black background. Green leaves. 15. Shades of blues, teal, and gold swirls. 9. Cream background. Pink, blue, yellow flowers, some blue. Green leaves.
16. White background adorned with red, yellow, pink, purple flowers. 11.  Blue background, white and gold flowers; green leaves. 20.  Medium blue background. Multi shades of blue and yellow flowers; green  leaves.
Our Silicon Lid Seals Bowl Used With MicroMitt-It Being Cooked in Microwave.

  17. Flowers in shades of tan with brown accents.  
We began making MicroMitt-Its in 1982, when a youngster we knew,  8 years old at the time, accidentally got burned on a hot dish taken from the microwave.  Richard, who was working with bioengineers at the time, figured that there had to be some way of making a microwave safe insulating device, and thus was born the MicroMitt-It. Over the years we added sizes, changed patterns, and made subtle improvements. In 1999 we introduced the MicroMitt-It II, an enhanced unit with heavier duty bottom panel.

But the greatness of the MicroMitt-It goes beyond the microwave oven. It replaces hot pads, trivets, towels, gloves, and other articles that people often use to protect themselves from hot dishes. Although it cannot be used in a regular or convection ovens, hot dishes taken from the regular oven can be placed in a MicroMitt-It and then moved to and around the dinner table. Of course, if you are doing microwave cooking, the MicroMitt-It and food containing dish can be placed directly in the microwave for cooking. Afterward, you just MicroMitt-It your hot dish directly to the table. And people can easily pass hot dishes around the table in a beautiful MicroMitt-It. 
MicroMitt-ItII Sizing Chart
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MicroMitt-ItII Square MicroMitt-ItII Round Mini & Regular
MicroMitt-ItII Long