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Insulin Pump PocketHolder Case & Insulin Pump Safe

Our Classic Pump Pocket
     Open   Version
Quilted Fabric Choices
New All See-Through Version


Hanging From Towel Bar Hanging From Hook
Step 1.  Throw top of loop over towel bar. Step 2.  Move case through back loop. Step 3.  Pull down on case.
Several years ago one of our staff people started on an insulin pump and began looking for a convenient and comfortable case for sleeping with her pump.  She tried clipping her pump to the Glasses Hanger™ case.  She was so enthusiastic with the result that, thus, was born the Insulin Pump Pocket™ case.  These cases are light weight and made of washable high quality soft double faced quilted fabric.  We make them in three strap lengths--approximately 24 inches, approximately 30 inches, and approximately 36 inches long.  The pump is inserted into the hanging pocket and the strap is suspended around the neck. ADVANTAGES of our Pump Pocket™ cases are:  1)  It is not necessary to attach anything to sleep clothing with pins or other uncomfortable fasteners; 2)  Your pump can be safely placed away from your body for comfortable sleep, yet it is safely tethered to you; 3)  For those evening trips to the washroom you need not worry about dropping your pump in your weariness; 4)  For your shower you may disconnect from the pump and safely hang it from a hook or door knob; 5) It is a marvelous aid when dressing, i.e., you can wear your pump safely so that it does not get in the way or falls on the floor when changing or trying on clothes.  The Pump Pocket™ case will fit most insulin pump models; we suggest that it works best if your pump has a clip that attaches to its outer case.  This clip may be used to secure the pump in the Pump Pocket case.
Tie closed and Velcro® Brand closed versions may  be used with pumps which do not have attached clips.  Tie or Velcro® closures keep the pump safely secured in the holder.  We have introduced a totally clear heavy plastic Pump Pocket™ for those who want to view their pumps without the need to remove them.  The pump can even be operated through the plastic Pump Pocket™.
Colors for the quilted Pump Pocket
is shown above.  Fabrics for the non-quilted versions are the same as our bandanna, and may be seen by clicking on the following link:  Click Here To See Non-Quilt Fabrics.

WARNING:  The Pump Pocket™  case is sold for ADULT USE ONLY--DO NOT LEAVE any loop or tie material in the presence of infants and young children without constant adult supervision           


Re-Introducing the New Insulin Pump Safe With Safety Strap
Front View Back View
The Insulin Pump Safe™ measures approximately 4 inches wide and 5 3/4 inches long and includes a see-through front panel and a black quilted rear panel.  Your pump can be seen and operated through the plastic panel.  A Velcro® Brand closure seals your pump in the Safe.  A belt loop is included on the rear panel for those who wish to wear their pumps.  We include our special safety strap with alligator clip for those who choose to clip their pumps to garments or carry them in their pockets.  The strap provides excellent protection against pump drops or losses. 

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