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Ice Cleats & IceWalkers  by Stabilicers

Ice cleat icewalkers by stabilicers have been added to our product line because they are terrific. We had an opportunity to try our stabilicers ice cleats icewalkers last winter, and they made a major difference in how we safely survived a long-lived icy winter. Made to last for years, they  use a hook and loop closure system sewn to nylon strapping to provide a quick, strong, and unbreakable method for attaching to your winter boots. Unlike stretchy rubber strapping which ages and can break, stabilicers ice cleats can be counted on to be there whenever you need them. The ice cleats icewalkers by stabilicers are easy to put on and take off--they can be used by anyone regardless of age. Walking is amazing natural with these ice cleats. Seventeen cleats are disbursed all along the Vibram sole, not just the 4-8 cleats seen on low end icewalkers. The screw in cleats are easily and inexpensively replaced--we sell packages of the regular or non-sparking cleats.

The United States Post Office selected ice cleats icewalkers by stabilicers for its employees. When you calculate the time and expense of injuries cause from ice falls, this product is particularly cost effective. A sizing chart is shown below. Follow the chart--do not oversize. The chart is based on boot size, which may or may not be the same as your shoe size. Stabilicers ice cleats icewalkers may be ordered from our shopping cart or through our toll free number. Do not go another winter without having these ice cleats as part of your winter wardrobe.

A small identifying name or number may be embroidered on the back strap at additional cost.  This personalization can save confusion if there are a large number of stabilicers users at one site.

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