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Hanging Hamper--The Modern Laundry Bag With A Lingerie Pocket

The Hanging Hamper™ is about 17.5 inches wide.  From the top of the hanger to the very bottom is about 35 inches.  The actual bag is about 31 inches long.



Made out of strong 200 Denier nylon, our Hanging Hamper™ is a laundry bag that hangs from your closet rod by means of two removable hangers.  Because there is no sash or cord closure to force open, access to this laundry bag is simple--dirties can be added easily without fighting the Hanging Hamper™ as one does with the typical laundry bag hanging on the back of a door.  A large removable "delicates" pocket for lingerie, etc., is attached to the outside of the bag with Velcro® Brand fastener.  Optional embroidered personalization is available.  Available in white or multicolor nylon only.  

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