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lovies security and character blankets are back again

   Lovies meet Federal safety standards, and come individually boxed.  Lovies are washable, and they may be optionally personalized.  All Lovies are made with an open bottom edged all around with satin binding. 
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 Snugglers by Bearington. These are exceptional products, of the highest quality, very soft, proven to be adored by children, are child safe, are washable, and may be optionally personalized.  Each has a huge following of fans, and they represent outstanding values.

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(Personalization Normally Sewn On Heart Unless Otherwise Requested)
Our logo on the pictures below is not on your Lovie.
Lovie Terrier Lovie Frog Lovie Bunny
Lovie Blue Bear Lovie Pink Bear Lovie Bernhardt (Cream) Bear
Lovie Pink Lamb Lovie Blue Lamb Lovie Monkey
Lovie Domino Puppy Lovie Tuscany Elephant

          Lovie Tan Horse

Lovie Elephant

Dakin lovies baby blankets are a lovely combination of security blanket and stuffed character toy. They are made of a soft fleece-like fabric and are bound in real satin that infants and babies love to touch.  Each Lovie has a special feature that children find so appealing.   Most children form a very close " friendship" with these dakin lovies baby blankets, i.e., tete et tete, pal to pal, as opposed to pulling ordinary baby blankets along the ground.

Dakin Lovies were selected as one of "10 Best Children's Toys" by Dr. Toy (Dr. Steveanne Auerbach). They are safe, exceeding Federal toy safety standards. They are machine washable and dryable, and in the 6 years we have sold them, we find them loved by all ages. Teenagers love them, young adults buy them for themselves, and we have had people give them as wedding and anniversary presents. In an age where anxiety abounds at all levels, we see nothing wrong with getting a sense of security from any source. Probably all of us would benefit if we could grab onto our security blankets, our dakin lovies. 

Dakin Lovies baby blankets come in several versions which we picture above.  They come boxed in a see through package. All sell about equally well, so we suggest that if you are giving a gift pick out the one(s) you like. Some parents find that life sometimes runs smoother if they have a duplicate Dakin lovies baby blanket on hand, just in case one is accidentally left behind. 

Many dakin lovies buyers request our embroidered personalization on their purchase. We take special care in many aspects when we embroider these baby blankets, from checking over the entire character blanket for mars (which we return to the factory) to making sure no soiling occurs during the embroidery process. Of course, we repackage each of these baby blankets in its box, after personalization,  so that you can present it as a special gift. 

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