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Adult Bibs Made Of Toweling, Lam, Or Nylon.  Velcro Closure.

Adult Bibs--Velour Terry Toweling
Adult Bibs--Lined Lam
Optional Lame Bib Cases with Velcro Closure


Adult Bibs--Travel Versions
Adult Oilcloth Bibs w. Crumb Catcher
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People never laugh at our adult bibs once they try them and save the first garment from spills and splashes; it is  far more embarrassing walking around with food spotted clothing than wearing one of our plush wonderful feeling bibs. Other reasons are:  1)  Besigns Adult Bibs are so comfortable that people actually enjoy wearing them, and 2)  Besigns Adult Bibs use Velcro Brand closure and are so easy to put on and take off ; people are not afraid to use them.  Many women advise us that they  use our adult towel bibs as "makeup" bibs, to protect their clothing when applying makeup.  We use plush high pima content double sheared velour terry to make our towel bibs.  We use a Velcro Brand closure with wide adjustment capability, and we embellish the terry adult bibs with one of 6 designs embroidered in metallic gold:  1)  Bon Apptit (wording), 2) Viva la Pasta (wording), 3) Fancy Bow, 4) Man's Tie, 5) Lobster Outline, 6) for Spanish and Latino customers--Buen Apetito (wording), 7) Chinese letters inviting all to dine, and 8) the newly added "What's For Dessert". These bibs may optionally be personalized with the same metallic gold thread.  They measure approximately 16" x 25".  And, of course, they are washable.  We like to Velcro fasten our bibs around our dining chairs so that they are always easily available for use.  Guests come over and actually enjoy putting on these bibs.

Our adult bib line has added 4 versions of lined lam bibs, standard gold, silver, and floral, and recently economical versions of gold and silver.  These bibs offer the advantage of being light weight, and they may be folded compactly for easy transportability.  The standard versions are fairly complicated garments composed of 3 layers.  They look rich, and people feel good about wearing them out in restaurants.  They measure 14.5" wide by 21.5 " long.  Washable.  May be optionally personalized.  The economical versions are of a single layer.  We also make bags with hook and loop closures to hold our lame bibs.

Extra big travel bibs are also available in our adult bib line.  The two versions are approximately 22" wide x 36" long,  and they fasten around the neck with two long Velcro Brand tabs.  The heavier  travel bib version is made out of rich loop terry and is lined with 200 denier nylon.  The lighter version travel bib is made of  200 denier nylon and has an attached pocket into which the bib folds and with which is can be conveniently carried.  These bibs are wonderful when eating in the car, plane, or train, but they are also frequently used for the infirm.  Washable.  May be optionally personalized.