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Since 1982, BESIGNS COMPANY has produced original handcrafted sewn designs for home, office, automobile, boat, sport, etc. BESIGNS products are designed from the ground up, tested, and continually refined to be the best possible. They are handcrafted, they are, in a real sense, one of a kind, and they are sold only at juried craft shows, through our mail order brochure, through our GiveTheBest.com Website, and through our retail store in Glens Falls, NY. Although utilitarian and constructed for long service, BESIGNS' products incorporate beautiful fabrics and/or original embroidered embellishments to achieve a beautiful and unique appearance. All construction, sewing, and embellishment is done in house by owners Barbara and Richard Bubar. Barbara studied art and consumer economics at Simmons College, and after receiving her MS from Cornell University, she taught sewing construction and tailoring through Cooperative Extension. She is a rare freehand embroidery artist who does machine lockstitch embroidery directly on fabric without using pre-drawn lines or patterns (most old time embroiderers doing hand or machine embroidery followed pre-drawn patterns). She has appeared on television doing sewn portraiture from a posed model (Stitchure™). At craft shows, several BESIGNS items are offered with personalization. Patrons are almost always awed at the freehand work that Barbara achieves sewing amidst a crowd. Her freehand machine artistry rivals, in all aspects, and is even preferred to computerized embroidery which is so prevalent today.

It should be noted that in recent years, Besigns Co./GiveTheBest.com has added non-Besigns products made around the world to its inventory.   These products are chosen because, in our opinion, they are beautiful in appearance, well designed, well made, and should have lastingness under normal use. 

BESIGNS, of course, is also an embellisher and provider of computerized embroidery.  We have our own in house digitizing and art service for our own products as well as providing these services to outside manufacturers and other companies.


Our policy on privacy is simple.  We have never, do not now, and never will give, lend, share, or sell customer information to anyone.  Also, we do not allow links on our web site which are solely commercial endeavors with no artistic or crafts related merits.

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