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Stabilicer Sport Light Ice Walker and Ice Cleat
Studded Snow Tires For Your Feet! 

New lightweight and aggressive winter traction from STABILicers®.  STABILicers SPORT stretches over boots providing a full pattern and 18 case hardened steel cleats to bite into ice and snow.  Dual density construction allows for stretch to fit over your boots while the sole is made from a long lasting harder density for durability. Replaceable cleats keep your STABILicers gripping all winter long. STABILicers SPORT are designed to out perform all other pull-on cleats providing traction on such dangerous conditions as snow-covered ice yet still have the ability to walk on clear pavement and rock without concern of cleats pulling out or thin rubber wearing prematurely. Count on STABILicers SPORT for reduced injuries and increased productivity this winter!


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