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Our draft dodgers come in 3 versions:  1)  Santa, 2) Snowman, and 3) Mother Cat (available in green or red tones).  Their "legs" extend approximately 36 inches to cover air leaks from door bases or window sills.  They are highly detailed, and they weigh in at approximately 3 pounds,  enough weight to give stability to their bodies when in use.  Though they are functional, they are also impressive as soft sculpture, adding real character to any home area.

Our cow and hen kitchen towels will bring the country to any kitchen setting.  The towel body is fully functional and may be personalized optionally with a name or monogram in your choice of color.  They are approximately 20 inches in height and 13 inches across in the towel region.  

    We make our Virtual Vase towel from thick top quality cotton toweling which is double sheared.  Several colors are available.  Flowers are embroidered and a silk flower is added to the vase.  Many people also add real flowers for a very special look.  This towel provides a rich look for any powder room or washroom.  It measures approximately 16 inches x 25 inches.  It is machine washable upon removing the non-stitched flowers.

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