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STABILicer® IceWalkers & Ice Cleats Versions--Original, Sport, Lite, and NEOS Overshoe


Sport Light

STABILicer Lite

Learn more specifics about the Original Deluxe version.  Click on  the picture below. Learn more specifics about the Sport Version.  Click on the picture below. Learn more specifics about the Lite Version.  Click on the picture below.
NEOS Overshoe

Learn more specifics about the Overshoe Version.  Click on the picture below.
Which version is best for me?
Nothing has surpassed the Original STABILicer IceWalkers for durability, longevity, ease of use, and movement stability on ice and snow.  It still remains true that they are the best value overall for walking on ice and snow.  It is the choice for professionals who are on ice and snow for extensive periods of time.  The one "disadvantage" the Original STABILicers have is that their weight is relatively high for those who want to perform athletic maneuvers on ice and snow such as running and jogging.  Weight can cause stride and gait changes, particularly at speed.  To meet this need the STABILicer people have developed a totally different remarkably agile light weight icewalker, the STABILicer Sport.  The Sport uses a synthetic elastic strapping mechanism to anchor itself to the shoe or boot.   The Sport uses different cleats than the Original Deluxe STABILicers, and it has 9 bottom cleats per side as opposed  to the 17 cleats per side on the Original Deluxe Version.  Sizing of the two STABILicer versions is also different.  (See the sizing charts on the appropriate pages.)  Some hikers who carefully monitor the weight they are carrying may also prefer the Sport.   Also, the Sport costs $10 less than the Original Version which may be helpful to those who want protection from falls on ice and snow at a lesser cost.  The STABILicer Lite is a new low cost and light weight stretch-on version.  It is made of the same strong proprietary elastomeric compound as the Sport but does not have replaceable cleats.  Best for casual users, for those who live in locations that receive infrequent snow and ice, or for those who want a light pair of ice cleats with them when they travel.  The steel cleats on the Lite are positioned in multidirectional fashion for optimal stability.
The STABILicer NEOS Overshoe is new to the Icewalkerline for winter 2005-2006.  NEOS boots go on easily without the need to remove and put on shoes, i.e., they are an overshoe.  The STABILicer NEOS offers the same convenience but with ice cleat protection.  The cleats are replaceable, and we feel  this is a well engineered product, and it is a real value for anyone who walks outside in the ice and snow. 

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