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TypeStyler Object

fabric and cloth
Advent Calendars are embroidered and countdown to Christmas

Our advent calendars are available in 5 versions (see pictures below).  Two advent calendars hang from dowel rods, and 3 hang from a sewn-in ring.    All advent calendars have embroidered numbers on the 24 positions that count down to Christmas.  Two advent calendar versions includes 24 screened and painted Christmas symbols that are made into stuffed ornaments.  Each ornament is fitted with hook and loop attachment on the back so that it can attach to the advent calendar base.    The Santa and Sleigh advent calendar banner has a stuffed embroidered fabric toy on a string which is moved from pocket to pocket each count down day to Christmas Day.   The Candy Cane Advent Calendar allows you to add or remove a candy cane or other trinket each day up until the big day.  Newly added it AC15 which has 25 embroidered flaps, each of which covers an appliquéd and embroidered Christmas symbol sewn onto pockets into which the flaps insert.

These advent calendars provide a fun and wonderful means of welcoming Christmas.  They are beautifully made with appliquéd and/or embroidered work to become part of your family's tradition.  See additional information below.  Click on most pictures below to see an enlargement.



AC15 shown with shades open & closed

Showing personalization


AC15--Large advent calendar approximately 32.5 inches by 24 inches center fabric section.  Extraordinarily intricate with 25 beautifully appliquéd and embroidered seasonal designs sewn onto pockets which are each covered with a embroidered and numbered shade made out of double thickness heavyweight felt.  Each day in December you lift a shade and insert it into its corresponding pocket, thus revealing a beautiful Christmas symbol.

AC3--Advent calendar approximately 48 inches long and 7.25 inches across at widest point.  Embroidered embellishment and pocket numbers.  Use your own candy canes or other items to count down to Christmas.

AC5--Advent calendar approximately 29 inches by 20 inches (width at widest point).  Hangs from sewn in loop.  Ornaments representing various toys are added to the Christmas tree as one counts down to Christmas.  Embroidered embellishment and pocket numerals. 

AC6--Approximately 28 inches by 20 inches (width at widest point).  Hangs from sewn in loop.  Ornaments are presents and other symbols such as candy canes and "glass" balls.  Ornaments are usually added to the tree on the countdown to Christmas.  Ornaments are stored in numbered pockets before "hanging" via hook and loop fasteners.  Embellished with embroidery and embroidered numbers.


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